Rolling Strong, a driver wellness program that is driver-designed and driver-delivered where professional truck and bus drivers work and live, on the road, has announced a free weight loss initiative “Give Me Ten” during the month of January.
Professional drivers who lose 10 pounds in January will receive a $10 gift card to Rolling Strong’s online store. This promotion is for any professional driver. Drivers already enrolled as a Rolling Strong member can simply log in to their account with their starting weight and then post their success on Rolling Strong's Facebook page

If a driver is not a Rolling Strong member they can simply email their starting and ending weight to
All drivers can take advantage of Rolling Strong’s free Live Wellness Coaching Sessions every Saturday at 9 a.m. with Bob Perry, The Trucker Trainer by calling 1-866-951-1151 and enter 9720344.

On Saturday, Jan. 4, Perry will discuss the Top 10 Tips to lose 10 pounds in January and a dietician from Kroger will be speaking about nutrition. Rolling Strong On-site Health Coaches will be on the line with Bob sharing their latest workouts for drivers.

Drivers will be able to download their workouts to stay on track to lose their ten pounds.