Meritor Wabco announced a new option for OnLane, its lane departure warning system, that enhances OnLane with the ability to record and save videos of critical safety events. The new video safety option is available now.
Meritor Wabco’s OnLane, powered with SafeTraK technology by Takata, is a vision-based lane departure warning system. It is designed to monitor road markings and the vehicle's position in the lane. The system delivers distinct audible warnings to the driver encouraging the use of turn signals, if the vehicle leaves its lane unintentionally.

In addition, OnLane is equipped with a driver alertness warning feature, which detects erratic or degraded driving based on lane weaving and provides a warning to the driver. This unique DAW safety innovation helps drivers stay aware of dangerous driving situations caused by fatigue or distraction.
Meritor Wabco’s new video-capturing feature is triggered by critical events, such as sudden deceleration. When a critical safety event occurs, the system will capture forward-looking color video of the scene ahead for the 10 seconds before – and five seconds after – the start of the event. The enhanced OnLane system automatically stores the 20 most recent videos. The videos can be downloaded manually using Meritor Wabco’s Toolbox 11.0 diagnostic software. The video download function is included with the purchase of Toolbox 11.0.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) is promoting voluntary adoption of lane departure warning systems to trucking fleets to encourage safe driving behaviors, mitigate accidents and reduce the number of crashes.

Commercial vehicle collisions involving property damage can cost fleets up to $197,000 per occurrence, while those resulting in fatalities can cost up to $1.2 million. FMCSA has estimated that the payback for lane departure warning systems can be nearly sevenfold in nine months or less.
As reported by the American Trucking Associations, 80% to 90% of truck-related accidents with cars are attributed to the other vehicle, and as a result, video documentation can strongly support potential related litigation.
OnLane also can be equipped as a retrofit solution to existing fleet vehicles, in addition to OEM line build.