Omnitracs now offers Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) and Trailer Tire Inflation Alerts (TTIA) applications, giving fleets tools for proactive tire maintenance.

These two new applications, along with the Fault Monitoring application, make up Omnitracs’ Vehicle Diagnostics suite, designed to help fleets reduce maintenance expenses, prevent accidents and improve safety.
Tire Pressure Monitoring and Trailer Tire Inflation Alerts applications equip fleets with the tools to proactively monitor and maintain proper tire inflation. By displaying and delivering  the right information, which is pulled directly from integrated, third-party tire pressure monitoring and tire inflation systems, to the right person in near real time, these applications help ensure that fleets can take prompt and necessary actions to repair or replace tires before a safety issue arises.

Tire Pressure Monitoring delivers easy-to-understand graphical data on tire conditions to back-office staff and drivers. The data showing which vehicles have tires that are under inflation, over inflation or normal makes it easy to identify which tires are having problems and the proper course of action.

TPM also provides customer-configurable alerts that can be sent to back-office staff, allowing them to determine appropriate remediation steps. With Trailer Tire Inflation Alerts, fleets receive notifications of tire airing events whether the tractor is moving or stationary.

Supporting data delivered with alerts, including vehicle ID, time, location, and vehicle speed, helps fleets improve troubleshooting and analysis. TTIA also allows for customer configuration of alert notifications based on frequency, duration and type of event, so that each fleet can determine what constitutes a critical airing event.
“For many fleets today, the absence of timely, critical data can make monitoring and managing tire conditions for safety a challenge,” said Vikas Jain, vice president of product management and software as a service at Omnitracs.

Both applications will be available starting November 2013 for customers who are currently using an Omnitracs Mobile Computing Platform 110 or 200 (MCP110 or MCP200).