Somnetics International Inc., the Minneapolis-based maker of Transcend Sleep Apnea Therapy System received FDA clearance to market the new Transcend Auto full-feature auto-adjusting positive airway pressure unit with Transcend EZEX pressure relief technology on exhalation.

The Transcend Auto offers users diagnosed with sleep apnea the world’s smallest, lightest and most portable therapy device and accessories designed for use at home and for travel.

The new Transcend Auto automatically adjusts therapy pressure during sleep to help patients overcome episodes of sleep disordered breathing. It weighs less than one pound and is compatible with any CPAP mask. Transcend Auto can be used with the new Transcend Heated Humidifier and all of the innovative Transcend accessories including the Transcend portable batteries and solar battery charger. At home or on the road, Transcend products are designed to fit the lifestyle needs of today’s active CPAP users.