Decisiv, a provider of Service Relationship Management platforms for fleet maintenance, announced the availability of a Days Out of Service Impact Calculator designed to enable fleets to calculate the impact of DOS on bottom line profitability.

The Decisiv Days Out of Service Impact Calculator requires that fleets input a small amount of general information about their company and its trucking operations. In a few steps, the calculator presents data on operations, fleet size, revenue, service activity and fixed and variable costs for verification. Immediately, a detailed analysis of possible improvements from using Decisiv SRM technology are presented, including impacts on revenue, asset utilization, expenses and the potential increase in profitability due to DOS reduction.

Decisiv's DOS Impact Calculator follows a White Paper on the subject, released earlier this year, that examines the importance of measuring asset utilization as a critical benchmark for analyzing the impact maintenance and repair operations have on fleet profitability. Conclusions in the paper include that increasing DOS reduces asset utilization, revenue and net profitability, drives inefficient capital deployment, and raises operating costs for carrying inventory of owned, leased or rented vehicles to substitute for units that are out of service.

Reducing DOS, even by a small percentage, can have direct bottom line financial benefits. In a Decisiv survey of fleet operators, a 25% reduction in DOS would provide an additional $1,123 in revenue per tractor and the average fleet responding to the survey could produce an additional $1.35 million in revenue and $500,000 in profit.