Transplace announced the expansion of its TransMatch co-shipping service. The TransMatch program offers the opportunity to consolidate freight through collaboration with multiple shipper companies and increase delivery frequency to targeted customers without increasing costs.

Collaboration has long been a focus in the transportation industry, but the realization has been a challenge because of the manual processes and lack of scalability. Transplace has worked with its partners to provide a solution with technology for automation and reporting, allowing for scalability, visibility and velocity in the market.

“Transplace has helped consumer packaged goods customers in the TransMatch program find the right partners and optimize freight,” said Transplace Operations Vice President Mark McEntire.

Companies in the TransMATCH program have realized a number of benefits, including:

  • Transportation cost savings,
  • Reduced working capital,
  • Inventory improvement,
  • Greater order fill rates,
  • More frequent deliveries,
  • Increased flexibility to support customers,
  • Reduced dock congestion and delays, and
  • Reduced carbon footprint.