ORLANDO -- Telogis introduced an upgraded navigation product, Navigation 5, at the American Trucking Associations annual meeting this week. Two key features include a new junction view to help drivers navigate through interchanges and exits, and a driver alert function that warns drivers of upcoming weather or traffic conditions.

The junction view includes updated highway signage within the interface that mirrors the look of the real highway signs drivers will see on the road.

The alerts will flash in red at the top of the screen and include alerts on road status, accidents ahead, weather, traffic, terrain, sharp turns and other events/conditions.

Two-way communication that allows drivers to provide feedback on road conditions and routes. Mobile enterprises that run Telogis Navigation automatically connect their drivers to a community-based network of more than 120,000 individual drivers who continually provide real-time feedback on road conditions, road restrictions and truck-safe routes.

The application has text-to-speech capabilities and customizable directions for specific yards, approaches and events. Back-office teams can also provide drivers with information customized to a specific job including notes, contact information and arrival instructions. Navigation 5 includes features such as a new user interface with updated color scheme and menus;

The new features will be available this fall as part of the Telogis fleet management/routing platform and also from partners under the brand name NaviGo.