ORLANDO -- Idle Smart has improved the idle reduction system it announced earlier this year, many as the result of customer feedback, CEO Jeff Lynch explained at the American Trucking Associations' Annual Management Conference & Exhibition.

Idle Smart continuously monitors interior and ambient temperatures and efficiently starts and stops a vehicle to maintain desired cabin temperature and reduce fuel consumption for a 50% to 70% average reduction in fuel expense, according to Lynch. Customizable and password protected, programming temperature and timer settings are done via an  intuitive display and menu driven format.

New features make it simpler to install in every 2005 and newer truck make and model. A jumper for automatic transmissions saves time during installation, and a redesigned hood switch and a temperature sensor standardize the location on every truck.

The other improvement is a new algorithm that determines when to automatically turn off the Idle Smart unit, saving unnecessary idling if the system is left on when the driver is not in the vehicle for extended periods of time, like over a weekend.

Idle Smart remembers user settings and will operate automatically in Temperature mode. In Timer Mode, Idle Smart runs the engine for a programmed amount of time when the cabin temperature is outside the pre-set comfort range. The programmable timer, a standard feature, also helps ensure compliance with idle restriction laws.

The Idle Smart solution only weighs about 5.5 points. It includes under dash and display units, the Idle Smart ProSmart Harness for ECM communication, Idle Smart Fuel Optimization Software and all necessary system installation components. The unit can be quickly and easily installed and is transferable between vehicles.