GE Capital Fleet Services unveiled Intelligent Operations, a telematics solution that allows fleet managers to visualize key performance indicators in real-time to better understand the scope of their service markets, customers, drivers, and overall fleet performance.

Through Intelligent Operations’ customizable dashboard, service and delivery fleet managers can track where their drivers and vehicles are and how they’re performing. By analyzing the metrics that are most important to their operations, fleet managers can reduce costs, minimize unplanned downtime, and increase driver safety and productivity.
The dashboard, which features color-coded charts, graphs and vehicle heat maps, allows fleet managers to easily evaluate profitability by realizing the costs associated with servicing specific customers.

Intelligent Operations tracks client-centric metrics such as the number of visits made to customer locations, the average stop time during visits, and total travel distance.

In addition, the platform also measures driver-centric metrics including daily travel time, average time of customer/service stops, and engine idling time.