Bridgestone Commercial Solutions introduced a new edition to its Ecopia product line. The R268 premium all-position radial for regional and pickup and delivery fleets providing tire performance that stands up to high scrub environments while offering fuel efficiency advantages too.

The new tires has benefits such as high-traction, long wear life, and low rolling resistance.

The R268 Ecopia has a unique tread design and comes with protective features in the casing to help resist damage from curbing and maneuvering scrub, extending tread life. Additional features include:

  • Wave Channel Design - reduces groove bottom strain, combating the initiation and spread of irregular wear;
  • Optimized Rib Distribution – ribs are proportioned for added stiffness, helping to reduce irregular wear throughout the footprint;
  •  NanoPro-Tech Compound – limits energy loss for improved rolling resistance and optimum fuel efficiency; and
  •  High Scrub Tread Compound – enhances resistance to tread scrubbing, increasing tread life.

The R268 Ecopia is available today in size 295/75R22.5 in the U.S. and Canada. Additional sizes will launch in the coming months.