The Phillips Permalogic Selector System is now available for more applications. It can be included in the Phillips i-Box housing and as a component of the new Sta-Dry S7 swivel electrical socket recently introduced for tractor/trailer combinations operating in tight maneuvering environments.

The Permalogic Selector System selects between the tractor (via dual pole) or the trailer’s reefer unit as a source of power to charge the lift gate batteries to capacity. The system will automatically shut off if it senses a problem with the reefer’s electrical system and will not cause any out of balance issues with either the reefer unit or the tractor.

Phillips’ Sta-Dry S7 Swivel Electrical Socket, can now include the standard Permalogic Dome Lamp Controller and Permalogic TC Liftgate Battery Charging System.  Both are all-weather, all-electronic controllers that manage power from available sources to save the life of the batteries.