EcoDual Inc. announced Version 2.0 of its MAX/SR Dual Fuel System and a new two-year unlimited mileage warranty.

MAX/SR 2.0 features a change in natural gas substitution rates with industry-specific enhancements to EcoDual's proprietary technology. Other key upgrades of MAX/SR 2.0 make the system more reliable, durable and lighter, while also decreasing installation time, emissions and maintenance expenses, says the company.

EcoDual dual-fuel conversion kits enables existing diesel engines to be converted to operate on up to 85% natural gas for fuel cost savings. The cost of the dual fuel system can be recovered within a year without any government incentives, according to the company.

The new EcoDual system has a new two-year unlimited mileage warranty, which the company says is an industry first.

MAX/SR 2.0 features:

  • Increases natural gas substitution rates to achieve a 16% improvement across the broadest range of driving conditions;
  • Precisely controls natural gas and diesel fuel injection to optimize combustion and minimize emissions;
  • Improves performance and durability by integrating new electrical and controls systems into the MAX/SR architecture;
  • Significantly reduces installation time and truck weight with its new tank mounting design;
  • Provides multiple colors for tank enclosures.