Bendix will soon introduce a new three-level aftermarket friction portfolio. The three performance levels are Bendix Basic Friction, Bendix Advanced Friction and Bendix OE Friction.

Bendix Basic is a new line featuring an economy-grade friction. Bendix Advanced Friction includes the new Bendix Advanced RSD, an aftermarket friction certified to maintain compliance with the federal mandate for Reduced Stopping Distance. Bendix OE Friction is the highest performing friction offering.

The new three-level aftermarket friction portfolio and products – produced and made available by Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC under the Bendix brand name – will be available by the end of the month.

Bendix Basic Friction, with Bendix friction code BB200, provides value at an economical price and is designed for good wear and consistent performance under normal operating conditions, in low to midrange temperatures.

Bendix Advanced Friction includes RSD solutions and is designed to provide higher torque and perform in higher temperatures with less fade, making it suitable for more demanding applications, higher weights and steeper terrain. Friction at this performance level also demonstrates improved lining and drum wear, lowering the total cost of ownership.

The new product at this level, Bendix Advanced RSD, with Bendix friction code BA202R, changes the aftermarket friction landscape in the commercial vehicle industry. Previously, only OE aftermarket friction was certified as RSD compliant. Now, Bendix Advanced RSD also certifies as compliant.

Phase one of the Reduced Stopping Distance mandate took effect in August 2011 for new three-axle tractors with Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings up to 59,600 pounds. Phase two of the mandate, aimed at tractors with two axles, as well as severe service tractors with GVWRs above 59,600 pounds, took effect Aug. 1.

The RSD mandate requires most affected tractors to stop within 250 feet. Bendix Advanced RSD performs in the 235-foot range – well within the limit established by the federal mandate.

Bendix Advanced RSD is approved for vehicles with GVWRs up to 52,000 pounds. According to Gary Ganaway, BSFB director of marketing and global customer solutions, approximately 80% of RSD-impacted vehicles on the road fall into this weight category.