Transportation Value Engineering LLC, an independent research and development company specializing in heavy vehicle telematics, has introduced a dashboard-mounted and self-contained OptiGauge that calculates the “sweet spot” speed that generates highest efficiency in real time.

The solid state device constantly monitors OTR real-time conditions to minimize per mile costs.
This exclusive, patent pending, software adjusts ideal speed info constantly, correcting for changing vehicle and environmental conditions by utilizing continuously updated ‘learning algorithm.’ It has dual data inputs:

  • Input 1: Real-time vehicle operating parameters through the existing data bus;
  • Input 2: Individual fleet unit operating parameters customized by fleet and loaded via WiFi, mobile device/laptop interface or manually, using faceplate buttons.

The entire computer is packaged within a standard 2-inch dash-mounted gauge and is compatible with virtually every vehicle using OBDII, J1708 or the J1939 data bus. Installation requires only mounting and four or six wire connections (power, ground and data bus). Initialization and data transfer is through front mounted mini-USB connector or built in WiFi.
Ongoing Performance Analysis Platform

OptiGauge uses an individual fleet’s specific cost sensitivities, including: distance-related expenses like vehicle wear (tires, fuel cost, maintenance history), as well as time-related expenses, such as depreciation, insurance and labor. It then continually computes the optimum speed to drive that specific vehicle for maximum profit.
Vehicle performance parameters are downloadable for back-end analysis. These numbers represent a fleet-specific database invaluable in:

  • Evaluation of component performance (even aerodynamics, rolling resistance, drivetrain efficiency) and comparative analysis for future spec decisions;
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle efficiency comparison for purchasing decisions;
  • Evaluation driver profitability performance.