PeopleNet opened its 11th annual user conference Aug. 20 in San Antonio by announcing the launch of the Precision Mobility Platform, which combines its fleet management technologies with analytics designed to enable fleets to better utilize their assets.

The new development will offer fleet mobility technology, analytics and easy integration with other systems and applications that can make use of the data fleets gather for business intelligence and analytics. The payoff, according to PeopleNet, is improved decision-making.

Based on vehicle and other data, the platform will allow fleets to predict when an engine may fail, a part should be replaced and which drivers pose the greatest safety risk. Much of the technology is in place, including PeopleNet’s mobile software, in-cab hub, back-end platform and analytics engine.

The company continues to expand the types of devices its fleet management software can run on, including fixed-mount displays, tablets and handheld computers. The in-cab hub will be able to support 4G wireless technology and remote WiFi hotspots, giving it increased ability to deliver data more efficiently and quickly. The hub will also be lighter and easier to install.

The company’s back-office platform, currently capable of supporting tri-mode connectivity (satellite, cellular and WiFi) will be migrated to a new cloud-based, machine-to-machine architecture for greater scalability and integration with a fleet’s TMS system and other applications.

The company said the new cloud-based architecture makes updating or deploying new systems easier and more cost-effective, while the analytics engine would offer fleet managers predictive analytics about drivers and vehicles.

According to Mark Botticelli, PeopleNet chief technology officer, the improved analytics and machine-to-machine communication will provide fleet managers greater insight for decision-making about the future.