Havco Wood Products announced a new water-resistant treatment for the top surface of hardwood floors in dry freight van trailers. Floor Shield by Havco provides exceptional moisture protection and fast drying times with environmentally preferred properties, according to the company.

Floor Shield by Havco is available on new Havco oak laminated floors and Fusion Floor (composite reinforced) floors shipped to your preferred OEM as well as through various aftermarket trailer parts suppliers.

Havco’s topcoat is specifically designed for use in dry freight van trailers. After application to the trailer floor, Floor Shield dries tack-free in approximately 30 minutes. Floor Shield by Havco dries to a golden oak tint that clearly shows the floor has been treated evenly.

Floor Shield by Havco uses water-based technology that has no VOCs or solvents, has no objectionable odor, requires no mixing and is not slippery or tacky during application or after drying.