Carrier Logistics Inc. has introduced Facts SalesDetails, a new tool to help trucking companies stimulate sales.
Facts SalesDetails is a business intelligence enhancement to CLI’s Facts total freight management system enabling trucking companies to analyze all their sales data to determine business opportunities and customer needs. The idea is to find all of the opportunities for new business, especially those with current customers.
Executives of a transportation company can use the new knowledge from SalesDetails to solicit the categories of business they are not currently handling or handling only in minimal amounts, Weinberg says.
Using Web-based Facts SalesDetails, trucking companies can now compile usable information on customers, sales territories, shipping lanes, pickup and delivery and line haul. All the information is ready when needed, presented in a report designed by the user. 
Facts SalesDetails provides additional capabilities such as shipment visibility from origin to destination. Salespeople can also create a quote, schedule a pick-up or check on shipment location in one easy click, allowing the staff to provide superior customer service to their clients.  
Companies can run instant reports to better and more easily understand their customers and current volume. They can determine which clients are booming, which are dropping off, and which are no longer active.