Optronics International announced that it will soon begin shipping 14 new GloLight-equipped LED lamps. A GloLight solution is now available for all light- and medium-duty trailer applications, and the lamps will begin enhancing newly manufactured vehicles and retail shelves within approximately 30 days.
The different LED lamps establish a new lighting category in the light- and medium-duty trailer marketplace. Until now, OEMs, retailers and trailer owners alike had just two lamp categories to choose from: incandescent and LED.
Trailer owners often like to personalize their vehicles, and Optronics’ patent-pending GloLight optical diffusion technology has created a new genre of lamp that stands out. The FMVSS 108 compliant lamps combine light diffusing material that gives them a distinctive, smooth, brightly glowing appearance on one portion of the lens, contrasting with dual-function LEDs with traditional bright spots of illumination on another.
Optronics is supporting its retail channel partners by enabling the lamps to sell themselves, with stand-alone, interactive “try me” packaging that allows consumers to experience the visual appeal created by the GloLight lamps. The push-button-activated packages are available for the TLL112RK flush-mount, six-inch oval LED lamps and the TLL190RK waterproof, universal LED combination tail lamps. The lighting sets include two lamps and applicable mounting hardware.
The 14 new trailer lamps are just a sample of the 35 new GloLight products that Optronics currently has slated for introduction within the next six months.
The new 12-Volt lamps come with a lifetime warranty, and lenses and housings are made of durable polycarbonate material that is sonically welded and completely waterproof.

The 14 new GloLight lamps for light- and medium-duty trailers include:

• Mini marker/clearance lamp models MCL190AB (amber) and MCL190RB (red)
• 2-inch round marker/clearance lamp models MCL155AB (amber) and MCL155RB (red)
• 2.5-inch round marker/clearance lamp models MCL157AB (amber) and MCL157RB (red)
• 6-inch oval red stop/turn/tail lamp model STL178RB, designed for surface mount with integrated flange
• 17-inch streamline red stop/turn/tail lamp model STL179RB
• Universal style combination tail lamp models STL108RB (passenger side) and STL109RB (driver side, with license lamp)
• Low-profile combination tail lamp models STL116RB (passenger side) and STL117RB (driver side, with license lamp), designed for marine trailers
• TLL190RK retail “Try Me” set of two universal-style combination tail lamps with mounting hardware
• TLL112RK retail “Try Me” set of two 6-inch oval stop/turn/tail lamps with grommets and plugs