Wright Media LLC, the trucking industry’s largest producer of mobile apps, recently launched its Fuel DAWG app, part of the Trucker Grand Central Network of mobile products for the transportation industry. Fuel DAWG is a new mobile and Web-based application designed to give truck drivers the vital information they need while out on the road.

With Fuel DAWG, which is free for drivers to download, drivers will have instant access to diesel prices at over 6,000 truck stops giving them an opportunity to save money by purchasing fuel at a lower cost.

Drivers can access those locations via the website or mobile app. Drivers will also be able to find out which truck stops have available parking, which are updated in real-time by other truck drivers using Fuel DAWG.

Each truck stop can be rated by drivers in regards to the quality of service, food, cleanliness and amenities offered. The app can also be used to update Facebook statuses, building a community of drivers that are sharing information about truck stops and anything out on the road they want to focus on.

Trucking companies can take advantage of recruiting drivers through Fuel DAWG via the job posting section on the mobile app and website.