IronPlanet, an online auction for used heavy equipment, has a new iPad application that it said improves its patented and guaranteed equipment inspection reports. The app helps field inspectors do reports using step-by-step instructions for gathering key data for the type of equipment being inspected.

“Since our online buyers don’t have physical contact with the equipment they’re bidding on, they rely on the data and images in our guaranteed inspection reports,” said Randy Berry, IronPlanet’s senior vice president of operations and services.

 “Our IronClad Assurance guarantees the accuracy of these reports, and we want buyers to have access to the most detailed reports possible. This app improves the quality of our inspection reports while also reducing complexity for our field workers.”

Berry said the app’s benefits include:

• Standardized data format: Field workers choose from 120 different checklists based on the type of equipment being inspected. The app then walks the inspector through each step and requests pictures to supplement ratings and text. The app provides an alert if an inspector has missed any necessary information, which eliminates incomplete reports and the need for return trips.

• Improved service: The app creates a faster sales cycle because inspection data and images are electronically reported together. Because additional data entry is not required, equipment and inspection reports can be more quickly listed for buyers.

• Better photos: Because buyers rely on photos when bidding on equipment, it’s important for images to be high quality. The app allows inspectors to take high-resolution pictures using the iPad camera. The checklists ensure inspectors have images of every aspect of the equipment.

Recently, IronPlanet’s app was featured at a series of technology seminars organized by Apple Canada in Montreal, Toronto and Calgary. The seminars highlighted the importance of mobile strategy and showcased exemplary business apps.

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