The Towing Maintenance Kits available from IPA are designed to quickly test and clean connectors and terminals for cars and trucks. Each kit contains a vehicle side circuit tester, patented male and female connector cleaners and a 2 ml tube of DeoxIT Cleaner. With four models available, IPA's Towing Maintenance Kits offer a unique and effective method to ensure continuity on any type of trailer connection in North America.


The Towing Maintenance Kits include a specialized circuit tester for vehicle side circuit testing. It verifies continuity to the tail lights, back-up lights, turn signals, 12V and electrical brakes from the plug while diagnosing malfunction. Simply plug the circuit tester into the towing vehicle socket and apply power to the desired circuits in order to illuminate the tester's LEDs.


Each model also contains patented male and female connector cleaners. These "Go/No-Go" cleaners are designed to remove corrosion from both male and female pins while maintaining their proper dimensions. They can also be used to clean butt and bullet type connections found on tail and side marker assemblies. These connector cleaners are the only tool on the market cap  able of this precise cleaning.


The 2 ml tube of DeoxIT® Cleaner enhances electrical contact points and extends overall harness life  by cleaning and restoring  connections. It removes oxidization while breaking down the bonds of corrosion left from every day weathering.


Available kits include: (#8026) 4/5 Pin Towing Maintenance Kit, (#8027) 6-Way Round Pin Towing Maintenance Kit, (#8028) 7-Way Flat Pin Towing Maintenance Kit, and (#8029) 7-Way Round Pin Towing Maintenance Kit. Individual components available.