PeopleNet, a provider of fleet mobility solutions that reduce cost per mile, improve safety/compliance and enable profitable growth, announced that the U.S. Patent Office has granted a patent to the company that enhances data delivery to meet customers’ mission-critical communication needs.

The new patent is for the Network Operations Center, which can now monitor data delivery performance to and from each of PeopleNet's hundreds of thousands installed units across multiple terrestrial and satellite providers and thousands of system elements to ensure even higher reliability.”

PeopleNet’s new patent monitoring tools enable the company to minimize interruptions in data delivery, and shave off hours of issue resolution. When the NOC detects a data delivery issue, it determines the root cause. In the case of a wireless network issue, it takes corrective actions, which include notifying the carrier(s), routing around the impacted area and confirming resolution.

The patent includes tabular and map-based visual reports of real-time views of all cellular markets across North America.