A new 16 ply rating version of the SmartWay-verified GT Radial GSL213FS (low profile size 295/75R22.5) long haul steer tire is being introduced in North America for the increasing number of tractors with higher front end axles and GVW (gross vehicle weight).

The new 295/75R22.5 16PR GSL213FS offers a higher load carrying capacity and maximum pressure compared to the current 14 ply offering.   

"The current specification of the GSL213FS has been very successful in wear performance and fuel economy," says William Estupinan, vice president of technical service for GITI Tire USA. "However, there is growing demand for emission engines which are heavier, resulting in front axles that are set back higher and increasing front end loading. Our new 16PR version is a premium cost-efficient alternative for this growing market."

Giti Tire USA and Giti Tire Canada are the sales and marketing operations in North America for Giti Tire Pte. Ltd., which manufactures and sells high quality GT Radial brand tires for passenger, SUV, light truck, truck, bus, and high performance vehicles.