TripPak Services, A Xerox Company, announced the release of version 3.7.2 for TripPak Enterprise, an upgrade to the company’s cloud-based imaging and workflow solution. This upgrade includes billing, payroll and settlement processing and workflow improvements.
TripPak Enterprise streamlines billing, payroll and other administrative functions with tools that enable fleets to view, route and control all varieties of documents and data in the cloud. Integrating with other major dispatch system providers, TripPak Enterprise performs administration of projects, workflows, user-groups, and security for carriers.
TripPak Enterprise version 3.7.2 includes performance enhancements as well as the following features:

  • Ability to process a trip in Billing, Payroll, and/or Settlements windows directly from the Search results.
  • Billing status now visible in Payroll window.  In the new release, the billing status for a trip is now visible in Payroll - both in the Payroll Processor window, and in the Payroll queue where a new column has been added; making it easier for Payroll to determine whether a trip was already invoiced.
  • 'Select All' option in Invoice Details for invoice batches awaiting approval.  The Invoice Details screen for an invoice batch awaiting approval now contains a 'Select All' option for the 'Print', 'Email', and 'Remove' columns, in order to easily select all the invoices in the batch at once.
  • Option to remove a single invoice batch from Approve Invoice Batch page.  In the new release, on the Approve Invoice Batch page a user now has the option to remove a single invoice batch.
  • Search results show Billing and Payrep queue location.  Search results have been enhanced to include which Billing/Payroll representative's queue the trip is located, making it easier to find and process a specific trip.
  • Email/Print functionality speed improved.  Enhancements were put in place to speed up the process for printing/emailing trip paperwork from the processor windows.
  • Ability to filter Payroll and Settlements queues by Billing Invoiced/Archived status.  In the new release, the option was added to filter the Payroll and Settlements queues to show only those trips that already have been invoiced/archived in Billing, making it easy to pay drivers only for invoiced trips.

TripPak Services provides document capture and submission solutions include in-cab, mobile and truck stop scanning, along with the industry leading safety and compliance solutions CSAdvantage, Command Solutions and TripPak Rapidlog.