Oliver Rubber now offers an EPA Smartway-verified precure retread for trailer position in long-haul applications. Oliver's Vantage Trailer II is designed for single axle and tandem axle assemblies.

“The Vantage Trailer II demonstrates the strength of Oliver’s experience,” said Philip Boarts, Oliver product category manager. “This new retread provides excellent fuel economy, treadwear and traction.”

The Vantage Trailer II precure retread is compounded to offer low rolling resistance with long tread life. The contact area sustains a solid footprint, while rounded shoulders reduce turning and corner stress and help resist curb damage. The generous 13/32nd tread depth includes straight grooves designed for free-rolling positions that result in exceptional lateral traction.

The Vantage Trailer II includes Oliver’s exclusive VDI plus feature. This exclusive tread feature acts as a visual depth indicator, plus it resists the retention of road debris. VDI plus has two extremely useful benefits for transportation and logistics companies. Easy visual tread depth gauging enhances the budget planning process for fleet operations. Further, by reducing lodging of foreign material, it helps abates stone drilling conditions and casing penetration issues that typically occur in the trucking industry.

This retread is available with or without Serra-Sipes for even greater traction.  The Vantage Trailer II is available in four sizes:  205, 210, 220 and 230. All Oliver retreads carry a national warranty to 2/32nds of tread depth.

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