Atro Engineered Systems, an American aftermarket parts manufacturing firm specializing in heavy-duty truck suspension and under hood polyurethane replacement parts, has announced the release of their latest innovation: a proprietary polymer for motor mounts that withstands stress, chemicals and scorching heat.

When EGR/SCR systems were added to heavy-duty trucks, in response to the latest emissions control edict from the government, an alarming rise in temperature occurred under the hood. This change caused motor mounts, rubber or polyurethane, to fail.

Heavy-duty vehicles equipped with EGR/SCR, such as cement, transit, garbage, mining and hauling trucks, are used daily in rugged work that is often round the clock. The resulting extreme heat melts, bakes and flattens the motor mounts. If left unhandled the truck’s cab can shake intolerably, load shifts can occur and damage to drivetrains and transmissions may follow.

Based on the urgency of the matter ATRO took on the project and successfully created the proprietary material to handle the need. Extensive field tests in high heat environments proved the worth of the new polymer’s properties.

The new high temperature parts are tinted red as opposed to ATRO’s traditional polyurethane parts which are blue. Both lines will be carried to accommodate newer as well as older vehicles, pre-2008, when the EGR/SCR change occurred. 

The new motor mounts and related under hood parts are available for most truck makes and models nationwide through truck parts distributors.