J. J. Keller & Associates Inc. announced its latest publication — "DOT Medical Exams: The Complete Guide." This compact handbook helps transportation managers understand the driver medical qualification and examination process.

This comprehensive resource compiles essential medical information in one place. It includes practical insights, clear examples and best practices that ensure the exam form is filled out correctly. It also lists which drugs, conditions and illnesses disqualify drivers from operating a commercial motor vehicle.

"DOT Medical Exams: The Complete Guide" makes it easy for transportation managers to communicate with their drivers and medical examiners. It is written in plain English for fast, easy-to-understand reference and offers straightforward explanations of the exam’s elements, the certification process and the standards that apply.

The guide helps managers find medical examiners who comply with DOT standards. It also helps them review and understand the medical exam long form and certificate (or wallet card). It defines the motor carrier’s, driver’s and examiner’s roles in the process.