Rolling Strong has a new online store at with products for drivers who want to stay healthy, including the new Freightliner In-Cab Training (FIT) system. 

“The products in our store are carefully designed and selected with the professional driver in mind,” shared Bob Perry, founder of Rolling Strong, who is also known as the Trucker Trainer. “Our goal is to bring drivers the latest in health, wellness, and nutritional tools available to support their personal health on the road and at home. We understand there are many challenges professional drivers face to maintain good health and fitness practices while working on the road.”
The new online store includes Rolling Strong’s latest products, including the Freightliner In-Cab Training system for the professional driver. It's an exercise and flexibility system designed to allow the user to do an upper body, lower body, and cardiovascular workout in the comfort and safety in the cab of their truck. The system is also specifically designed to stretch and strengthen the rotator cuff of the shoulder and lower back.

The patented FIT System is easy to install and easy to use. FIT allows the user to interchange one, two or three cables at the same time using the patented Triple Grip Handle. The simple design allows you to go from light resistance for shoulder movements to very heavy for squats and curls by adding or removing bands. The user also has five different attachment points inside the truck, and the FIT system can be taken out of the truck to be used at home or in a hotel room with the optional door attachment device.
The FIT System comes with the ability to use 10 pounds up to 40 pounds of resistance per handle, and can be upgraded to 150 pounds of resistance per handle.

It comes with a detailed user manual and access to the online FIT Channel. The FIT Channel allows the driver to have a personal trainer in their truck through their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. They can watch actual workouts filmed inside the vehicle so they can maintain the correct form, get the best results from the workout, and avoid injury.

Other products available in the online store include:

  • The Rolling Strong Trucker's Health book
  • Portable weight system
  • Natural chocolate almond and vanilla protein supplement
  • 30-Day vitamin packs and the InBar.