Telogis is expanding its mobile suite of applications this week during its annual Latitude business conference, with the release of Telogis Navigation 4.5 and WorkPlan 2.0, as well as Telogis Vehicle-as-a-Hub and Telogis Coach.

Telogis Navigation 4.5 now supports the Android operating system and features a completely redesigned and greatly enhanced user interface. It also features improved map quality, including embedded advanced map attributes relevant to commercial fleets.

Telogis WorkPlan 2.0 integrates seamlessly across the Telogis platform to help customers more easily manage and engage with their mobile workforces.

Available for iOS and Android, it puts the ability to manage work orders from the field and meet federal mandates for compliance in the workers' hands. Telogis WorkPlan cuts down on time spent preparing, planning and processing work orders. Mobile workers can also view all of their jobs as points on a map to easily visualize their days and routes, while back office teams can see the real-time location and job status of all of their workers in the field using the Telogis platform.

WorkPlan also incorporates hours of service management features that track driving hours automatically and keep electronic logs compliant with FMCSA mandates. It also includes HOS limit warnings and automatic driver mode change to improve accuracy and let drivers concentrate on the work at hand, and not on updating their statuses.

Workers can also automate and simplify the driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) process to meet regulations through WorkPlan. With the addition of QR codes, drivers can run WorkPlan on their mobile devices and scan the codes in order to verify inspections have been completed.

Telogis Vehicle-as-a-Hub consolidates telematics, wireless communications and in-vehicle cameras. Telogis VaaH turns customers' vehicles into a connected, mobile hotspot and supports unique peripherals such as in-cab cameras to encourage safe driving and prevent accidents.

Telogis Coach provides a snapshot of the day's events to mobile workers' devices. Telogis Coach provides a quick look at daily driving records that can be easily accessed and reviewed to help drivers understand what behaviors and practices need improvement, and how the overall quality and safety of their driving habits fit into the goals of the organization.

Telogis Coach includes personalized scorecards, leaderboards to compare against peers, violation listings and training videos to foster improvement. Telogis Coach is available on Android and iOS devices including smartphones and tablets.