Telogis says it has a better way to accurately calculate miles with its new Telogis Miles.

An extension of Telogis's cloud-based location intelligence platform, Telogis Miles works by generating real-time mileage that matches actual in-cab miles driven when used in conjunction with the Telogis platform.

Telogis Miles gives fleets the ability to determine and manage against actual costs, and drive profitability based on the variances of miles driven.

"Previously, customers relied on antiquated systems or rough estimates to apply to their plans for fueling, ratings and even their contracts," said Newth Morris, co-founder and president, Telogis Route and Navigation. "With Telogis Miles, they have the accuracy and visibility they need to determine real-time distances."

Telogis Miles is designed for back office planners and resources associated with all types of routing calculation. Telogis Miles automatically takes into consideration the configuration defined by the fleet, including routing preferences and road modifiers, to manage the entire routing experience.