Inthinc Technology Solutions Inc. has incorporated electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) into its waySmart fleet management solution. The company said it developed this addition to its software in accordance with U.S. and Canadian federal safety rules and regulations for commercial carriers. Inthinc DVIR is now available as an integrated featured with Inthinc waySmart.

Inthinc DVIR is designed to simplify pre- and post-trip inspections while also reducing the inaccuracies and administrative overhead associated with paper logs, according to the company. Automated electronic inspection reports are sent directly to each vehicle. Drivers receive an in-cab verbal reminder to complete a safety inspection before and after each trip. When a driver completes a report, via an onboard touch screen mounted in the vehicle, the data is sent directly to the fleet manager via cellular communication to the Web-based Management Portal.

The company said Inthinc DVIR is completely configurable from the Management Portal, allowing fleet managers to customize multiple inspection checklists and automatically distribute to different vehicles.