MIR-RT version 7.10, newly released by Data Dis Inc. helps service centers and fleet managers simplify maintenance, increase efficiency and reduce the cost of operations, the company says.

The new modules in MIR-RT (maintenance, inspection and reporting in real-time) will also now address the requests from service centers and retail garages looking to use the software.

New modules in the MIR-RT 7.10 release include:

  • New Service Request Module – allows the creation of a new request or sub-request that can be assigned to a work order, planned to a supplier (the supplier will receive an email notification), or added to the shop’s to-do list.  The work to be performed, details and the results can be managed in a work order.
  • New Invoicing Module – provides more control in a simple, fast and efficient interface created to improve invoicing versatility - this module provides options to create invoices, open invoices, quotes and credit notes for parts, repairs or anything else without using the Work Orders module.

 New functionality in the MIR-RT 7.10 release includes:

  • New option to login with secure microchip key – eliminates password type-in to save time and money in the garage
  • New supplier categories for improved searching capability
  • New approval system for external work orders and purchase orders with email notifications – great for any purchases requiring management approval – based on approval hierarchy and maximum user purchase limits – provides an easy communication and authorization process
  • New Static Reports – As requested from our current users, 10 new concise reports are available from the Query menu, in the main window.
  • New section in RT-Mode: Request, Cause and Correction – provides more precise documentation of an issue.
  • Addition of a Status system – makes it easier to follow the work order management process.
  • Concept of sub-requests – allows for better accuracy in documenting highlighted problems during the process and can be used to associate preventative maintenance, notes or repairs to do and link them to the main request.

Enhancements in the MIR-RT 7.10 release include:

  • Greater Security Levels
  • Simplified Appointment Management System
  • Improved access to all information on a unit being repaired
  • Better positioning of a problem on a unit
  • Improved asset association - includes the ability to attach a sub-unit to a main unit
  • Provides direct association of a WO to a request
  • Improved Rating - Addition of specific rates setup per mechanic and repair code, incorporating mechanic specialization classification and repair code classification to more accurately calculate labor costs
  • Manual or automatic assignments – can be assigned directly in the temporary planning or planned manually by the foreman

For more information about Data Dis Inc. or the MIR-RT fleet maintenance management software solution is available here.