The New Mexico Department of Transportation faced a challenge shared by many state and local agencies seeking to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver services and information to truckers and citizens – how to manage and consolidate massive amounts of website content so citizens could more quickly find the info they needed.

Over the years, the website had evolved into an 874-page maze that was difficult to navigate.

To improve the quality and efficiency of online services, NMDOT turned to Adobe Experience Manager – a Cloud-based, integrated set of tools for creating, managing and delivering high-impact online content. NMDOT was the first state DOT to implement Adobe Experience Manager.

Prior to using the Adobe solution, NMDOT used a fragmented approach to content publishing, with content authors far removed from the content publishing process. Now with Adobe Experience Manager, more than two dozen content publishers across the department can create quality content and instantly preview how it will appear on the page.

Using Adobe Experience Manager, NMDOT was also able to:

  • reduce 874 website pages down to 72 pages, providing constituents with quick, easy access to the actionable information they need.
  • redesign and launch an intuitive, up-to-date website in just six months.
  • simplify website navigation, improving usability and visitor satisfaction among the traveling public and businesses.
  • streamline process of website updating, helping to ensure availability of current content.
  • provided scalable foundation to support current and future initiatives, including expanding content to mobile devices.
  • NMDOT is using capabilities within Adobe Experience Manager to help meet requirements of the government’s Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards (Section 508).

 Since rolling out the new site, NMDOT has seen overall satisfaction with the site -- both inside NMDOT and from the public—reach new levels.

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