J. J. Keller & Associates Inc. announced its latest publication – Hazmat Handbook: The Complete Guide for CMV Drivers. This compact handbook was created exclusively for hazmat drivers and provides answers to key safety and compliance questions.

Written by hazmat experts to serve as a convenient take-along resource, the handbook covers essential information that ensures the safe transportation of hazardous materials. It provides best practices, practical how-to information and plain-English explanations of complex and confusing hazmat regulations.

Hazmat Handbook: The Complete Guide for CMV Drivers contains a complete overview of driver responsibilities and serves as both a training guide and a reference for every step from pickup to post-delivery.

The book includes FAQs in every chapter for quick and easy access to the answers to commonly asked questions; its printed tabs help drivers find information fast; and its compact size fits into most cubbyholes in a cab, keeping it easily within reach.