Mack Trucks introduced the Bulldog mDrive Transmission Fluid SAE 75W-80, a new transmission fluid for its mDrive automated manual transmission.

Engineered specifically to complement the performance and productivity of the mDrive, the transmission fluid is a fully synthetic, heavy-duty transmission lubricant.

Bulldog mDrive transmission fluid delivers the lubrication, component protection and fuel economy demanded by the mDrive and is formulated to meet the Transmission Fluid 97318 specification.

The 75W-80 viscosity grade maintains the fuel economy benefits of the mDrive through reduced viscous churn, smoother gear meshing and easier pumping and filtering.

A high viscosity index allows for outstanding low-temperature fluidity for quicker starts, easy shifts and reduced wear during cold start-ups while providing strong lubricating films at higher temperatures.

Exceptional shear stability maintains effective viscosity and film strength for better wear protection during severe operation.

Thermal durability and oxidation resistance protects against deposit formation, and contributes to long seal life and extended oil drain and service intervals.

Stable, optimized friction properties allow for smooth and rapid gear shifting, which can reduce stress on the driveline and tires

The new transmission fluid is approved for up to 500,000-mile oil drain intervals.