CORRECTED -- Rand McNally has integrated RealVNC’s remote access technology into its HD 100 devices, which lets drivers view the display of the HD 100 through an application on their Wi-Fi-enabled Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND GPS or mobile device.

The HD 100, commercially available later this year, offers electronic Hours of Service recording, engine diagnostics, GPS positioning and other metrics. With VNC integrated within the system, drivers may access this data while on the road and interact with messaging functions to easily retrieve instructions via their wireless device.

The software on Rand McNally’s HD 100 devices is compliant with 49 CFR part 395.15 regulations.

VNC is a remote access solution that enables the connection of one computer desktop from another, wherever they are located in the world. RealVNC says it is the only organization able to offer a commercial license to embed VNC remote access technology in third-party products and offerings. OEM customers range from Intel to IBM, with applications for both software and hardware products.

“The HD 100 will help fleets and owner operators alike with meeting the upcoming EOBR implementation mandated by MAP 21, using their currently available technology,” said Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally.

Corrected 9 a.m. EDT 4/22/2013: The headline named the wrong company. We apologize for the error.