XTRA Lease announced that its 2013 Size & Weight Guide, a reference guide containing state-by-state listings of size and weight regulations, is now available. Fleets may either download a digital version or request that a booklet version be mailed to them.
XTRA Lease produces the free guide annually to provide fleets with the most up-to-date resource material for managing size and weight legal limitations.
In addition, the 30-page booklet offers details for where to:
• Register for fuel use tax and order International Fuel Tax Agreement trip permits,
• Register vehicles and order International Registration Plan trip permits,
• Register for Unified Carrier Registration Agreement,
• Get hazardous materials/waste permits, and
• Get overweight, oversize permits.
The guide provides contact information for state trucking associations and also includes a convenient fold-out quick reference chart for all states.
To obtain a free copy, go to xtralease.com/sizeweight.