Qualcomm's new Exact Fuel application monitors and transmits fuel level information on the vehicle data bus directly to fleet managers. This insight helps identify discrepancies in fuel levels that may indicate theft, as well as helps fleets make better fuel stop decisions that reduce out-of-route miles.
Initially available for fleets using Qualcomm’s Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) 110 and 200, the Exact Fuel application transmits critical fuel level, time and location data regularly to fleet managers.
“Faced with fluctuating fuel prices that are approaching $4.00 per gallon, fleets are increasingly concerned with fuel theft and shrinkage," says Vikas Jain, vice president of product management and software as a service at Qualcomm Enterprise Services. "On average, most fleets project about 1% to 4% shrinkage. Assuming a conservative 1% shrinkage, this would equate to about 55 dollars per month,  per vehicle."
Qualcomm also is exploring future Exact Fuel enhancements that will help fleets compare fuel purchases with actual fueling levels to accommodate different organizational requirements.

Companies can deploy the current application to individual vehicles or fleet-wide through a subscription-based model.

This Qualcomm video explains the app further: