DieselMisers Inc., manufacturer of the popular Kodiak AeroCurtain trailer side skirts, has announced that they have begun full production and deliveries of two new trailer aero products – the Kodiak AirPlow and the Kodiak Bumper Bullet.

The devices feature a common shape – the shape of the leading edge of an aircraft wing – and bring fuel savings, improved roadhandling stability, and CARB/EPA SmartWay compliance – all in a system designed
to be less susceptible to damage and lighter than traditional trailer skirts.

The devices have been in development and testing for over two years, including over 1 million miles of inservice road testing.

The AirPlow is an airflow management device that installs on the underside of a trailer in front of the tandem axles. The AirPlow resembles the leading edge of a large aircraft wing turned on it's side, deflecting air outwards and away
from the tandem axles.

Similarly, the Bumper Bullet also features the shape of the leading edge of a small aircraft wing, mounted horizontally along the forward-facing side of the trailer's rear under-ride bar (also known as the ICC bumper or DOT bumper).

Both products are already EPA SmartWay Verified and CARB compliant, having been tested using the SAE J1321 Type 2 test protocol. Used together as a system, the products far exceed California's aerodynamic requirements for both dry vans and refrigerated trailers.

The AirPlow can also be used as a stand-alone aero device (without the Bumper Bullet), and still be compliant in California on refrigerated trailers.

The company decided to enter production after receiving a launch order of at least 50 AirPlow / Bumper Bullet systems from a large fleet in the Northeast U.S.

The system weighs less than 130 pounds.

DieselMisers will continue to manufacture and support the Kodiak AeroCurtain trailer skirts for those who prefer the tried-and-true characteristics of the  side skirt fairings. The AeroCurtain has been in service on hundreds of trailers for over two years.

DieselMisers will be exhibiting at the TMC Annual Conference and Exhibition.