The Utility Side Skirt 120A-4 is a new advanced aerodynamic side skirt design, is U.S. EPA SmartWay verified to achieve greater than 5% fuel savings.

“The new USS-120A-4 design is engineered to achieve greater ground clearance to reduce impact damage while maintaining the EPA “advanced” trailer skirt designation,” said Craig Bennett, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing at Utility. “Similar to our previous USS-120A design, this new generation maintains a unique patented design to provide long term durability.”

The USS-120A-4’s galvanized high tensile steel bracing system allows the side skirt to flex both inward and outward, which can be bent back to their original shape if damaged. The side skirt is also manufactured with a UV protected bi-directional Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) construction. To further reduce impact damage the forward edge of the skirt is securely bolted with a “spring” attachment at the support leg assembly.

It can be used in combination with low rolling resistance tires on Utility trailers to achieve compliance for California operations.

Utility offers a 5-year warranty on the USS-120A-4 and it is now available as a factory or dealer installation option for new Utility trailers.