Webtech Wireless has released Quadrant Manager version 9.8. This new version of Quadrant Manager delivers new features and enhancements, and integrates with a number of new partner software tools and systems.

"This release of Quadrant responds to emerging fleet tracking trends," said Scott Edmonds, President and CEO of Webtech Wireless, noting the new software's fuel card integration, enhanced temperature monitoring, and mobile tracking features.

Notable features of this new Quadrant release include:

Enhanced Speeding Reports - a new partnership with Inrix, a leading provider of road data, provides highly accurate speed limit information to Quadrant automatically.

SAP Engine Identification - a new integration enables customers who use SAP to import Quadrant Manager reports directly into SAP's billing system.

FleetCor Integration - a new integration with FleetCor, a global fuel card leader, offers a partnered solution for existing and new Quadrant customers who need to track and compare discrepancies between the location of fuel purchases and the location of vehicles.

Temperature Monitoring - new enhancements enable fleet managers to configure specific temperature geofence thresholds per vehicle group basis, providing precise control of vehicles that transport different goods with varying temperature thresholds.

Quadrant Manager Mobile - new enhancement to Quadrant Manager Mobile provides an improved customer experience when using the latest 7-inch tablet devices.

The new release is available across all Webtech Wireless online portals.