Blue Tree's R:Com in-cab terminal can now be temporarily mounted on the dash of rental vehicles or leased trucks. 

All the functionality of the existing R:Com in-cab communication system is retained, but the new 'plug and play' device can be effortlessly installed and removed from any vehicle. It is plugged directly to the vehicle diagnostics and uses a permanently attached and durable antenna.

The R:Com In-Cab Portable features a ruggedized screen for use in tough operating environments, but it retains all of Blue Tree’s comprehensive features, including the company's hours of service program, user-friendly driver messaging with predefined quick messages and custom data entry form messages,  text to speech, satellite navigation and job management features.

"This feature was developed due to the demand for a one piece 'plug and play' version of our in-cab communication feature, which carriers require during times of high cargo volume or when extra capacity is required at short notice," says Mark Whitney, product development manager at Blue Tree Systems. "Job management, turn-by- turn navigation and two-way communication with leased vehicles can now be conducted in exactly the same manner as it is with regular drivers/vehicles. Fleets keep the Portable system on hand for precisely these situations, ensuring that the addition of a last minute owner-operator or leased vehicle occurs seamlessly."