UFollowit Inc. announced that customers can now purchase the uScanit ClipBox, a clipboard box design that turns into a document studio with LED lights to provide the perfect lighting and background to scan your trip documents with your smartphone.

This tool helps drivers deliver quality images to their home office within minutes of the freight delivery. The uScanit ClipBox is available for order now.

The solution is aimed at taking advantage of the increasingly affordable smart phone technology that uFollowit developed for document delivery. The goal is to help everyone from the individual owner-operator to large fleets utilize progressive innovations to simplify and advance the efficiency of the freight and transportation industry.

This technology assists the driver in getting paid promptly while streamlining their company’s billing and settlement process.

The uFollowit smartphone application can be customized to meet your specific needs, providing company branding, banner messaging, custom events, indexes and document descriptions as well as integration into the company’s imaging system. The uFollowit app is a solution to gain real-time visibility of freight movements for both asset and non-asset based operations (TL and LTL).

MobileTSS, Mobile Truck Stop Scanning is a free smartphone application for drivers who want to deliver their trip documents via e-mail in a PDF format or through TripPak Express Services.