Drivers needing CDL training (and the fleets that employ them) in Lincoln, Ill., have a new option in town.

"Hammer Lane Jane's," explains the Lincoln Courier, is not a school, but a commercial driver's license tutoring service.

Leigh Ann Altman, who has 24 years of driving experience and two years of teaching CDL programs, told the paper that most programs were too far away or too expensive for Lincoln-area residents. She also realized not everyone needs an entire full-length CDL training program.

So Hammer Lane Jane's offers a la carte services, whether someone needs training from the ground up, already has a learner's permit and needs behind-the-wheel experience to pass their driving test, or needs a refresher course after moving into the state so they can get their Illinois CDL. Two donated Mack trucks will offer real-world training with loaded trucks. The firm features a replica of the Department of Motor Vehicles' testing ground as well as a classroom facility.

As the company's Facebook page notes "Our goal is to keep current drivers on the road and help educate future drivers. We are set up to help from start to finish!"

While I could quibble with the name and argue that "hammer lane" doesn't necessarily evoke a safety focus, it does have a catchy ring to it -- and it's an idea that makes a lot of sense in the current atmosphere of carriers having a hard time finding enough qualified drivers.

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