Those crazy folks at Volvo Trucks in Sweden are at it again, going to great lengths -- or should we say heights -- to create a video they hope will go viral.

Last fall, on an unopened highway in Croatia, world record-holding highliner Faith Dickey battled in the wind to cross the line between two speeding trucks in a video called The Ballerina Stunt.

This time, Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks with responsibility for Europe, took on this challenge and put his neck on the line during his own exciting stunt, called simply #TheHook.

"When you want to make a YouTube hit, you need the hook at the beginning of the film," Nilsson says.

This hook was made from cast iron and it's part of Volvo's new FMX truck. In the video, it's holding Nilsson, and an FMX, more than 20 meters in the air over a closed part of the Gothenburg Port in Sweden. The goal was to demonstrate the robustness of the new truck -- and, of course, get people talking online.

While the FMX is a European model not available here in the States, much of the same research and development that goes into making Euro trucks also goes into North American models.

No word on whether Göran Nyberg, who heads of Volvo Trucks in North America, has something similar up his sleeve...

Check out Nilsson's high-flying stunt:

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