Photo: Covenant Transportation Group

Photo: Covenant Transportation Group 

In the ever-changing world of technology, Covenant Transportation Group is taking advantage of the ever-increasing evolution of some of the smallest of these gadgets — the smartphone.

The Tennessee-based fleet partnered with Pegasus Transtec to create a customized version of its mobile app, TransFlo Mobile+. The app allows the carrier to address multiple needs that it couldn’t get “off the shelf” using other products.

CTG, which includes subsidiaries Covenant Transport, Star Transportation, Southern Refrigerated Transport, Covenant Transport Solutions, and Transport Enterprise Leasing, operates a number of vehicles in numerous spaces. It’s constantly evaluating, testing, piloting and deploying new technology. In addition to the mobile app, CTG also recently completed projects on fuel and route optimization, predictive and prescriptive analytics, improved driver workflow, safety technologies, positive recognition programs, and tractor and trailer aerodynamics.

“CTG prides itself on being a problem-solver for all stakeholders and has made a large investment in driving a culture of excellence throughout our organization,” says Doug Schrier, vice president of continuous improvement and program management at Covenant.

The customized version of TransFlo Mobile+ directly integrates with the fleet’s transportation management workflow system to provide specific information to drivers, including load information, two-way messaging, settlement information and communication from fleet managers. The app allows for 24/7 communication, improves driver safety with tools such as driver scorecards, training videos and company safety information, and reinforces the company culture.

“Our objective from the start was to differentiate CTG from the rest of the industry through the creation of our own enterprise mobile application,” Schrier explains. “Our goal was to provide our professional driving associates and all of our departments with a feature rich application that would increase communication across all of our employee associates, along with providing insight into CTG for those outside of our company.”

CTG has seen fast adoption and continued use of the application since the launch of the app in October.

“With the adoption of the app we have accelerated communication and the speed of answer for our professional drivers,” Schrier says. “The professional driver can now find the answers to many of their daily questions at a launch of the app, from payroll to load information.”

Fleet Snapshot

Who: Covenant Transportation Group (CTG)

Headquarters: Chattanooga, Tenn.

Fleet: CTG includes the subsidiary companies of Covenant Transport; Star Transportation; Southern Refrigerated Transport; Covenant Transport Solutions; and Transport Enterprise Leasing

Operations: OTR, expedited, dedicated, refrigerated, cross-border (Canada and Mexico), and brokerage

Fun Fact: CTG started almost 30 years ago CTG started almost 30 years ago with just 25 trucks and 50 trailers. Today it’s a $700 million entity covering many different types of freight transportation.

Challenge: Keeping our professional driving fleet satisfied.