Photo courtesy of Today's Trucking

Photo courtesy of Today's Trucking

As the year comes to a close for us here at Heavy Duty Trucking, we take a look back at 2015 through the eyes of our readers by posting 10 of our most popular feature articles of the year.

The holidays are a time of reflection and with in-depth stories on big topics, like the driver shortage and government regulations, to one-off features on legalized marijuana and 3D printing, 2015 has certainly been a year of change in trucking.

As the industry faces problems both old and new, fleets and manufacturers are tackling the challenges head-on. In the Top 50 Green Fleets, we see how some fleets are making sustainability a business model while our Driver Dilemma series asks the difficult questions about an aging and shrinking driver workforce.

With the recent ELD mandate finally being published and other safety regulations still being debated, The Pounding of all the Rules  ponders whether the trucking industry can handle so much change at one time.

HDT also posted practical articles aimed at making the lives of our fleet-owning readers a little easier. From 12 Ideas for Lightweighting Your Trucks to the Top 20 Products of 2015, we did the homework so you can make informed decisions.

So, please take a look back at our most popular articles of the year and hopefully you’ll catch something you missed.