This Tech Tip is the second in a series to be issued by SAF-Holland. The following steps are recommended by SAF-Holland for lubricating your landing gear. We recommend that you follow your specific landing gear manufacturer’s instructions.

Although your landing gear was properly greased and packed with high quality lubricants when manufactured, it is necessary to periodically add more grease to maintain proper lubrication and satisfactory performance for your particular application.

Periodically adding grease to your landing gear should be part of your preventive maintenance program and should be done every six months or more often, if required.

For low temperature operations (under 20°F), use a lithium or an anhydrous calcium extreme pressure grease that operates down to -65°F.

For cold weather operations, it is also recommended to fill the gearbox approximately 3/4 full with grease. This helps minimize moisture accumulation, which can freeze, causing hard gear cranking.

Lubricate as follows:

  1. Fully retract the landing gear, then using high gear, lower the leg 2 to 3 turns and lubricate the lift-screw assembly through grease fitting “A” (see landing gear legs shown below). Apply 1/2 pound of grease.
  2. Lubricate the gearbox using grease fitting “B.” Apply 1/4 pound of grease.
  3. Lubricate the bevel gear using grease fitting “C.” Apply 1/4 pound of grease.
  4. Distribute the lubrication by fully extending and retracting the leg several times.