Fleet owners and managers have many questions about the new 2007 truck engines. One of the best ways to get answers is to chat with engine makers at industry trade shows and events. However, if you're not able to do this, information is as close as the nearest computer. Engine makers either have posted on their websites or are in the process of putting up information about the engines they are offering. Here's a rundown:


At press time, Caterpillar said it was updating its online information. The company has updated its truck engine web site, formerly www.cattruckengines.com, to http://ohe.cat.com (no www prefix). Among the early highlights you will find are driver tips to help achieve fuel economy running Caterpillar engines using ACERT technology.

You'll also find information on 2007 engine technology, as well as product brochures, specifications and customer testimonials.


Rather than going to Cummins' corporate website, www.cummins.com, you can find a special site on Cummins engines at www.everytime.cummins.com. You can click on the link "Cummins Technology" to access an online video that explains the technology behind Cummins' 2007 engines, as well as a brochure.

Click on "Applications" and "2007 Heavy-Duty Trucks" for links to information about the ISX or ISM model engines, including product descriptions, features, fuel economy, maintenance intervals, customer support and more.

Under "2007 Medium-Duty Trucks," there is similar information for the ISL, ISC and ISB engine models for 2007.


Big changes are under way at Detroit Diesel's website at www.detroitdiesel.com. Company officials say they are building a completely new site that will go live around mid-June.

In the meantime, Detroit has added information about its Series 60 engines as well as the Mercedes Benz MBE 4000 and MBE 900 engines, including a brochure and specs that can be downloaded.


At www.hino.com there's a brief technical paper about the 2007 engine emissions regulations and how Hino is adapting its equipment to meet these rules. Simply look under the section labeled "Latest News."


While you can find some information about engines made by International at www.internationaldelivers.com under the engines link, their website www.greendieseltechnology.com is devoted to an overview of the 2007 engines and more. Here you'll find common questions and answers about the 2007 engines, as well as about the new ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel that will be required for these engines to meet the lower emissions levels.


In addition to its website www.isuzucv.com, Isuzu officials said at press time they were planning to launch a special engine website by the end of March or in early April at www.isuzudieselengine.com.

They plan to have detailed product information, including the technology that's being used to meet the new emissions requirements.


At www.macktrucks.com, click on the link to "Mack Powertrain" and then the link about the MP7 engines. These engines are the first of the new generation that the company will use to meet 2007 requirements and beyond. Here you will find a brochure and specs that can be downloaded. If you look under the "News/Events" section of the website, you can keep up with the latest news about the company's new product offerings for 2007. At press time, plans were to update the Mack website in early April with more information about the 2007 engines.


At www.volvotrucks.us.com or www.volvo2007live.com, there's a detailed presentation about Volvo's engines, including a complete webcast of Volvo's 2007 engine launch in February. In addition to news about the 2007 engine family, there's extensive information about Volvo's 2007 engine technology. At the main Volvo Trucks website there are several news releases about Volvo products, including the surcharge associated with 2007 engines.

Company officials say they plan to add more information about the 2007 engine technology throughout the course of this year.