LAS VEGAS -- Prestone unveiled a new line of heavy-duty antifreeze coolants and diesel exhaust fluid Tuesday during Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week, branded Prestone Command.

"Prestone has a new owner and we've set a new business strategy, and the heavy-duty aftermarket is a very significant piece of that," said Tim Shipley, director of sales.

The patented Prestone Command formulation is an advanced antifreeze/coolant technology that protects the engine in extreme cold and extreme heat. The company said it did extensive testing, research and development to make sure it protects today's engines, which have newer materials and slightly different demands. Although industry-standard tests are currently being developed to meet the needs of these engines, Shipley says, they aren't yet ready. Prestone developed its own in-house proprietary tests.

There are two versions of the Command antifreeze/coolant:

Extended Life provides 600,000-mile/12,000-hour CAT EC-1 protection for any diesel-powered heavy-duty engine. Its patented formula protects aluminum and all other engine metals against temperature extremes, rust, corrosion, scale and water-pump failure, and is compatible with any other heavy-duty antifreeze/coolant. A prediluted 50/50 formulation is available for convenient top-off applications.

Extended Service is SCA pre-charged and provides advanced protection from freezing, overheating, cavitation erosion, corrosion, scale and foaming in any heavy-duty engine with need-release filter technology that is used in normal to severe duty cycles and extreme temperature conditions. A prediluted 50/50 antifreeze/coolant formulation and demineralized water dilution is available for convenient top-off applications.

In addition to its new antifreeze/coolant products, Prestone is also launching its Prestone Command Diesel Exhaust Fluid, the urea-based fluid required for use in all diesel engines that are equipped with a Selective Catalytic Reduction system.

Prestone has been making coolant/antifreeze in the U.S. since 1927, when the category was born for the light-duty market.

Company officials note that this product will be exclusive to the heavy-duty distribution channel -- it won't be available in places like Walmart or O'Reilly's auto parts. To help support the heavy-duty distributors who will be selling the product to consumers, Prestone has launched a major advertising and promotional campaign. As part of the launch of the product, which will be available in March, Prestone will offer an incentive program for those selling the product as well as for fleet buyers.

Prestone also is focusing on education for distributors and fleets, and will offer a fluid testing program.